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EMF is a so called ANBI certified foundation, as 90% of our efforts are focused on the general good. An ANBI status is assigned by the Dutch tax authorities and provides access to a number of tax advantages for the foundation and its sponsors. As far as these sponsors are taxable under the Dutch Tax Regime. To comply with the ANBI regulations EMF is required to publish specific information. You will find this information below in Dutch.

Information of Ecological Management Foundation (EMF)

RSIN 0078.10.027
Rechtsvorm Stichting
Statutaire naam Stichting "Ecological Management Foundation"
Statutaire zetel Amsterdam
Bezoekadres Barentszplein 7, 1013 NJ Amsterdam
Telefoonnummer +31 (0)20 581 82 52
Directeur, Bestuurders en RvA Klik op deze link
Doelstelling Doelstelling_EMF.pdf
Beleidsplan Beleidsplan_EMF.pdf
Beloningsbeleid Beloningsbeleid_EMF.pdf
Activiteiten 2012 Activiteiten_2012 EMF.pdf
Financiële verantwoording 2012 Financiele verantwoording 2012 EMF.pdf
Financiële verantwoording 2013 Financiele verantwoording 2013 EMF.pdf
Financiële verantwoording 2014 Financiele_verantwoording 2014 EMF.pdf
Financiële verantwoording 2015 Financiele_verantwoording 2015 EMF.pdf
Sanitation 2.0 re-using pee and poo
Rising to the challenge of water scarcity
Working on water together
Opening up the oceans with desalination
When water hits your bottom line


Investment Funds for Water and Sanitation: Y/N?

Social impact investing is on the rim to become main streamed, this will take another 3-5 years, but the trend is clear: more and more high net worth individuals prefer to invest instead of donate, taking a more business wise approach. Investing in Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) is a clear example impact investing pays off, from a financial point of view. However the social and environmental impact of commercial operating MFIs' is not a given fact of their business. Most of these institutes realize they have to improve, so why don't MFIs' invest in water and sanitation?

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