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The Ecological Management Foundation (EMF) and its younger business development spin-off, Micro Water Facility (MWF) are independent, typical non-profit, network organizations. To maximize efficiency, they share the same director and board of directors: their common head office is quartered in Amsterdam and staffed by a committed group of employees. In addition, EMF is supported by dedicated part-time volunteers and a number of partner organizations around the world which share the same ideals and ambitions and provide assistance where and whenever needed.

The foundations are run by a director supported by a board of governors. A secretariat looks after the foundations' day-to-day affairs, while the director and governors look after the various projects and ventures.

The activities of Micro Water Facility have been assumed by Aidenvironment with effect from 2015. EMF is housed at Aidenvironment and works closely together with the Land and Water team.


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Investment Funds for Water and Sanitation: Y/N?

Social impact investing is on the rim to become main streamed, this will take another 3-5 years, but the trend is clear: more and more high net worth individuals prefer to invest instead of donate, taking a more business wise approach. Investing in Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) is a clear example impact investing pays off, from a financial point of view. However the social and environmental impact of commercial operating MFIs' is not a given fact of their business. Most of these institutes realize they have to improve, so why don't MFIs' invest in water and sanitation?

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