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EMF Sponsor Lunch 3 November 2011

It is not every day you learn how with a simple plan deserts can be made fertile, and how with a little help poor mountain coffee farmers can benefit from the luxury niche market.   On 3 November 2011 Dennis Karpes of the Naga Foundation and David Browning of the Coffee Initiative addressed the 120 guests at the EMF Sponsor lunch who had gathered In the quiet elegance of Restaurant De Kas. The food was refined, the atmosphere informal, the conversation relaxed. A perfect setting to make or renew contacts and to reflect on those less privileged. With the funds raised EMF will continue to search for ways to ensure those deprived of safe water secure access to this basic necessity.

Send@Drop Water-Wish Fountains

The virtual interactive Water-Wish-Fountains are to be premiered at Schiphol Airp[ort, as the official Digital Meeting Point. They will then be rolled out at airports and shopping malls world wide.The wishing well project is designed to raise awareness to sustainability and local funding for water and sanitation projects of the WWF, UNICEF, and Earth Institute, The money collected will mainly go towards local development initiatives through the  Send@Drop Foundation.

Partners for Water funds Banglt application in the Partners for Water Subsidy Scheme. 

The project was officially launched by EMF founder Allerd Stikker at the opening bell ceremony at Amsterdam's Stock Exchange on 15 December 2010.


mwf afbeelding

EMF Sponsorlunch 2010

Guest speakers Iqbal Quadir (below), founder and director of ‘The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’ and Karin Ruiz (below), CEO of Peepoople AB from Sweden were keynote speakers at Ecological Management Foundation (EMF)'s annual sponsor lunch in Amsterdam on 16 September 2010. Besides providing its high-profile guests with an opportunity to network, the event generated a total of 50,000 euro, enabling EMF to continue to address the world's water scarcity problems for billions of people in rural areas in developing countries.


Igbal Qadir


mwf afbeelding

The Water School Programme, Philippines

The “Water Schools" Programme addresses the interrelated issues of education, health, water, hygiene and sanitation encountered by faith schools in developing countries. Supported by UNICEF, the Norwegian Government and the World Bank, the programme is an initiative of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) , Ecological Management Foundation (EMF) and the Valley Foundation. With a view to developing and expanding the Water Schools’ faith networks, in September 2010 Sr Mary Bellekom and Nicki McHugh of the Water Schools team visited the Programme run by the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP). Lia Otterspeer of  EMF accompanied them. Read her lively account of their Visit_to Water Schools Programme.pdf

Faith Schools and Water initiative

Faith Schools and Water, an initiative of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation and  the Ecological Management Foundation, was launched on World Water Day 22 March 2010. It follows the fruitful workshop 2009 Faith Schools and water workshop which led to new network, partnerships, actions, ideas. See http://www.faithschoolsandwater.org/

Aidenvironment to manage Ecological Management Foundation

For nearly three years Aidenvironment has successfully hosted and managed the Micro Water Facility (MWF), an independent foundation set up in 2007 by Aidenvironment and the Ecological Management Foundation. At the request of the board of EMF, from 2010 Aidenvironment will also manage EMF. Read more Catalyzing_Small-scale Water Innovations.pdf

Faith In Water Workshop, Salisbury, 5-7 July 2009

The Alliance of Religions and Conservation conference on faith, water and development held in Salisbury on 5-7 July 2009 has led to new network, partnerships, actions, ideas. See http://www.faithschoolsandwater.org/. Audio recordings of the Faith in Water workshop  can be accessed on Http://www.arcworld.org/news.asp?pageID=344. Award-winning podcast maker and broadcaster Mary Colwell has created two fascinating enhanced audio segments about the important role that faiths can play in addressing the water crisis.

EMF founder speaks at Soroptimist water convention

Allerd Stikker, founder-director of Ecological Management Foundation, was a guest speaker at the 2009 Soroptimist convention devoted to water. Adressing the 1000 women members from all over the world who had convened in Amsterdam on 11 July, Mr Stikker gave a  presentation on how EMF fosters solutions for water scarcity in developing countries.

EMF Sponsorlunch 2009

Ecological Management Foundation (EMF) held its annual sponsorlunch on June 5 2009 with presentations by Tom Brenninkmeijer on GoodEnergy, Martin Palmer on ARC (Alliance of Religions and Conservation) and Allerd Stikker on EMF.Attended by 120 guests, the lively event raised a total of 42.000 Euro. With this funding EMF can continue its catalyst and networking activitiesaimed at improving access to clean drinking water for billions of people in rural areas in developing countries.

 mwf afbeeldingmwf afbeelding

Screening documentary The Blue Gold

A 4 -art TV documentary series 'Het Blauwe Goud' (The Blue Gold), on problems and solutions to freshwater shortages in the developing world was screened on Dutch television by NCRV in June 2008. The initiative for this documentary came from the Ecological Management Foundation (EMF). EMF was also responsible for selecting the projects and conducting an interview with Crown Prince Willem Alexander of The Netherlands.

EMF Chairman joing ARC Board

EMF's chairman Allerd Stikker was appointed Honorary Member of the Board of Trustees of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation at ARC's Board meeting in September 2007.

Launch Micro Water Facility

The Micro Water Facility was officially launched on 1 July 2007. The foundation is an initiative of Ecological Management Foundation.      

Daoist ecology workshop

A first full-scale Daoist ecology workshop at ARC's new Daoist Ecology Temple at Taibaishan took place on 31 May 2007.      

International Desalination Association (IDA) meet in Paris

As a result of the publications and activities of EMF in the field of desalination,  chairman Allerd Stikker was invited to present EMF's views at a meeting of the Board of the International Desalination Association in Paris on 5 October 2006.
EMF advised the board to be more active on promoting desalination opportunities in the broader context of water scarcity, and not primarily in the technical sense. Also EMF urged that the subject of the environmental effect of brine disposal, a byproduct of desalination, should be addressed on a global scale through professional organisations.

EMF Chairman joins Voltea Board      

Per August 1st 2006 the chairman of EMF has been appointed as non executive Member of the Board of Voltea Limited, an English company that is the beneficiary of water treatment FTC in Europe and India. Voltea is part of Unilever Ventures.      

HansOn Microkrediet launched

December 1st 2006 saw the launching of HandsOn Microkrediet Nederland and HandsOn Microkrediet Amsterdam, an initiative by Ecological Management Foundation and Carnac. www.HandsOnmicrokrediet.nl  pressrelease      

Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) pledges to protect sacred landscapes    

www.arcworld.org/ news and resources Daoists pledge to protect sacred landscapes     

Aqua-Aero Watersystems wins PvW Contest

Aqua-Aero Watersystems, member the Fresh Water Innovators Network, won a “Partners for Water” contest in August 2006, enabling it to build and implement the biggest WaterPyramid factory so far in Rajasthan, India. See www.AAWS.nl        

Allerd Stikker addresses Wetsus Conference

The chairman of Ecological Management Foundation spoke on “The Micro Water Entrepreneur” at the Wetsus Conference “Water Verdient Het!” on Thursday 29 June (see www.Wetsus.nl).

Aqua-Aero Watersystems wins World Bank Innovation Prize      

Aqua Aero Water System carried off the World Bank innovation prize for its Water Pyramid pn 24 May 2006 www.aaws.nl (see article in Trouw).      

EMF attends Sarajevio Microcredit conference     

EMF Board Member Marjan van Lier attended the Conference on Microcredit in Sarajevo, 8 – 9 March 2006.     

Appropriate Technology session at World Water Forum

EMF water specialist Else Boutkan attended World Water Forum IV in Mexico from 16-21 March 2006 where she gave a twice-daily session on the subject of “appropriate technology”. Fresh Water Innovators Network (FWIN) member Aqua Aero Water Systems also presented its Waterpyramid, while FWIN members Aqua Est International and AAWS participated with their own stand.      

Allerd Stikker at Coramon 2

The chairman of EMF Allerd Stikker delivered a speech at the Coramon 2  February in Utrecht: see www.coram.nl and www.coramdesignaward.nl.      

Website Water4Life

The website of Water4life, member of the Fresh Water Innovators Network (FWIN) went on line in January 2006.

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Investment Funds for Water and Sanitation: Y/N?

Social impact investing is on the rim to become main streamed, this will take another 3-5 years, but the trend is clear: more and more high net worth individuals prefer to invest instead of donate, taking a more business wise approach. Investing in Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) is a clear example impact investing pays off, from a financial point of view. However the social and environmental impact of commercial operating MFIs' is not a given fact of their business. Most of these institutes realize they have to improve, so why don't MFIs' invest in water and sanitation?

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