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Our work focuses on Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya and to less extend India. But a severe water crisis is happening in the Middle East and North African countries. Home to more than 7% of world population, the region is blessed with only 1.5% of the worlds' fresh water supply.

Creating opportunities by working together will be the only way to cope with the problem the region is facing in the near future. Sharing knowledge, without hidden agenda or non alligned intentions, will be one of the pillars international watercorporation will be build on. Just like creating opportunities, sharing knowledge is an open and interactive process.

Who wants to share knowledge?

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Investment Funds for Water and Sanitation: Y/N?

Social impact investing is on the rim to become main streamed, this will take another 3-5 years, but the trend is clear: more and more high net worth individuals prefer to invest instead of donate, taking a more business wise approach. Investing in Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) is a clear example impact investing pays off, from a financial point of view. However the social and environmental impact of commercial operating MFIs' is not a given fact of their business. Most of these institutes realize they have to improve, so why don't MFIs' invest in water and sanitation?

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