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Mr Allerd Stikker, Founder of EMF and Co Founder of MWF will be interviewed on Dutch TV coming weekend on Sunday April 21th 11.30 in the morning on 'Netherland 2'. Dutch TV will replay the interview on April 27th on 11.00 same channel.

Allerd Stikker wrote several books on Taoism, Water and Ecological related subjects during the last 20 years. He also produced sevelar documentaries which you can find one of them in our libary which is about water.

Allerd's latest book is about the challenges we face during the coming 25 years. The human race has one space ship called earth, and we need to take care of this mothership to prevend it falling down.

Allerd's view on this is still an optimistic one. Solutions are there and during our evolution, the human race managed to develop quickly in rather short periods adapting to changing situations.

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